The PYRENEES International Workshop and Summer School on Statistics, Probabilityand Operations Research : SPO 2009

P.M. Mateo, A. Pérez-Palomares, G. Sanz y L.M. Esteban, B. Lacruz, F.J. López, C. Paroissin (editors)
14,42 €

A Tutorial on Multi-Objective Optimization using Metaheuristics, Carlos A. Coello Coello. Rigidity results in cellular automata theory: probabilistic and ergodic theory approach, Alejandro Maass. On the admission-abandon control of the M/M/s/K+G queue, Florin Avram, Donatien F. Chedom and Laure P. Fotso. On optimal dividend distribution for a Cramér-Lundberg process with exponential jumps in the presence of a linear Gerber-Shiu penalty function, Florin Avram, Zbigniew Palmowski and Martijn Pistorius. A bivariate stochastic Gamma diusion model: Statistical inference, Ramón Gutiérrez, Ramón Gutiérrez-Sánchez and Ahmed Nafidi. Properties of maximum likelihood estimators in discrete distributions using -records, Lina Maldonado. Re-implementing NSGA-II and SPEA2 using Pareto based operators, Pedro M. Mateo and Isolina Alberto. Stochastic recursive techniques in response-adaptive designs, José A. Moler, Fernando Plo and Henar Urmeneta. On the choice of schools located outside the walkable neighbourhood of the household, Augustine A. Osagiede and Virtue U. Ekhosuehi. Preliminary phi-divergence test estimators in a contingency table with symmetry structure, Leandro Pardo and Nirian Martín. Optimal lot size for an inventory system with a step function of the