The Pyrenees International Workshop and Summer School on Statistics, Probability and Operations Research SPO 2011

G. Sanz y C. Paroissin (editors) P. M. Mateo, A. Pérez-Palomares, L. M. Esteban, B. Lacruz, F. J. López,
17,31 €

Contents Application of local search to crew scheduling. On spectral analysis of heavy-tailed Kolmogorov-Pearson diffusions. On pairwise comparison with competing risks. A Comparative Study of Bullwhip Effect in a Multi-Echelon Forward-Reverse Supply Chain. A proposed Markov model for predicting the structure of a multi-echelon educational system in Nigeria. Linear combination of biomarkers to improve diagnostic accuracy in Prostate cancer. Response-adaptive designs based on the Ehrenfest urn. Phi-divergence statistics for ordered binomial probabilities. A decision model for a newsvendor inventory problem with an extraordinary order. Some basic statistics of general renewal processes.