Dynamics and spectrum of a molecule coupled to a vibrational mode

Jorge Calvo Ibar
  • 2021
  • 210
  • Física
  • Colección de Estudios de Física
  • 1.ª
  • Inglés
  • 18 x 25 cm
  • Rústica
  • 978-84-1340-318-2
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The studies in the field of cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (cavity-QED) during the last century has allowed us to obtain a coherent interaction (Rabi oscillations) between the light and matter, reaching the regime known as strong coupling.
There is a plethora of experimental platforms in order to study the light-matter interaction; from nano-mechanical oscillators to systems of artificial atoms composed of Josephson junctions. The latter setups have allowed the construction of the first quantum computer by Google in 2019.
In this work, we have focused on a two-level system constituted by an organic molecule. This system has a characteristic feature: its vibrational modes. Thus, we have studied an organic molecule with a vibrational mode embedded in an electromagnetic cavity.