Time present and time past. A homage to Susana Onega

Silvia Pellicer, Marita Nadal, Mª Jesús Martínez (eds.)
  • 2022
  • 458
  • Literatura
  • Fuera de colección
  • 1.ª
  • Inglés
  • 15 x 22 cm
  • Rústica con solapas
  • 978-84-1340-410-3
24,04 €

The present volume is a homage to Professor Susana Onega, an outstanding teacher and researcher and a dear friend and colleague to many of the participants. Onega’s achievements in the fi eld of literary criticism, recognized with the Miguel Servet Award for Research Excellence, constitute a fascinating journey through contemporary literature. The contributors to the volume participate with chapters variously related to Onega’s work, each exploring issues that are crucial to the understanding of contemporary narratives in English. We have looked at time present and time past, and so many wanted to show their respect and gratitude to Professor Onega. This is just a sample, but one that constitutes, also, a remarkable collection of essays by highly respected scholars in their fi elds of research.