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AIDA Granada: A Pomegranate of Arabic Varieties

Carmen Berlinches Ramos, Jairo Guerrero y Montserrat Benítez Fernández (eds)
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This volume, organized alphabetically, comprises 37 presentations from the 14th AIDA conference. The authors have revised their work, which has been reviewed to ensure suitability for publication as chapters. This selection of papers covers the Arabic-speaking world from East to West, and from both synchronic and diachronic perspectives (E. Larbi, F.B. Francisco). Scholars have delved into both theoretical (S. Procházka) and empirical realms, exploring topics such as the analysis of linguistic traits within cultural expressions (E. De Blasio, N. Fottouh & B. Horvat, A.S. Ould Mohamed Baba). Additionally, they have contributed to the description of previously unidentified linguistic varieties (J. Aguadé & A. Salim, A. Bar-Moshe, L. Ben Salah, M. Benítez Fernández, A. Torzullo). Their investigations have spanned phonological (A. Avram, V. Bozkurt, I. Youssef), morphological (G. Biţună, A. Boucherit, M. Garaoun, D. Wilmsen & F. Al Muhairi), morphosyntactic (M. Afkir, G. Chikovani, G. Grigore, A. Iriarte Díez, E. Ravier, A. Sigourou), and semantic aspects (L. Lombezzi, C. Taine-Cheikh); The exploration of sociolinguistic phenomena (L. Cerqueglini, J. Falchetta, J. Guerrero, I. Moufid, A. Naddari, L. Zack, K. Ziamari, D. Caubet & C. Miller); Arabic in contact with other languages (H. El Shazli, V. Engler, E. Gutova); and innovative teaching methodologies (N. Ejibadze).